My name is Diana Huerta and I am a Graphic Designer based in LA. Ever since I was 13 I knew design was something I was passionate about. I started by making posters for student council events, invitations for family members and filters. This was when I realized Graphic Design was what I wanted to pursue. Making art from the initial concept stages to the final results is something that motivates me to continue designing. I want to create something that will captivate many's eyes just like other art pieces have captivated mine.

✧ My Work ✧

Color Compton

At Color Compton I was a summer Social Media Intern. My main tasks where to create logos, flyers. brochures and mock ups for the team.

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Payasita Brand

Payasita was first a school project named "Raza Chicana." This project was made to represent Chicano fashion through clothing and design. It then became a brand in hopes to help others positively view Chicano fashion when worn by poc while also reminding others of our culture.

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I had the opportunity to design a hoodie for the graduating class of 2024 at St.Odilia Elementary School. I made a design and was in charge of the print/production of 24 hoodies.

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My group and I had the opportunity to work with the YMCAs Cradle to Career Success Program for a school project. The design challenge was "How might we use design to help strengthen the connection between the LA Y’s Cradle to Career Success (C2CS) initiative and the diverse, low-income communities they serve?"

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J Reyes A-Frame

JReyes Fashion is a Latina owned vintage shop who sales both online and at pop ups. The design brief for this project was to make an A-Frame design that was 70's and aura inspired, keeping the original logo and tag line "Thanks, it's Vintage."


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